Frequently Asked Questions

Products & Warranty

Question 1: Are your products genuine?
Answer: Yes. All our products are 100% authentic and we source and stock them either from the manufacturer directly or from our trusted suppliers in Japan.

Question 2: Are your products made in Japan?
Answer: Not all the products are made in Japan. Some of the companies manufacture all their products in Japan, while some of them may outsource part of or all the products outside Japan. However even the products are manufactured outside Japan, it is not necessary to worry about their qualities because of the strict quality control standard of Japanese manufacturers.

Question 3: Why the price in your website is cheaper than your eBay site?
Answer: Due to eBay's high selling fees and other charges, the cost of maintaining our eBay store is much higher than our website. Therefore the price is also adjusted accordingly.

Question 4: Can I order an item which is not listed in your website?
Answer: Yes. You can contact us through "Contact Us" form or send us a direct mail to to make an inquiry. We will try our best to offer you the best price. 

Question 5: Does your product have the warranty and how to apply?
Answer: All our products cover the manufacturers' warranty for initial manufacturing defects. If you believe the item you received is defective, please Contact Us within 14 days of the receipt of the original shipment and inform us of the details. If the issue cannot be solved with our knowledge, we will request the customer to ship the product back to our warehouse and will help the customer to open a defect investigation case to the manufacturer after we receive the item. Depending on the investigation results from the manufacturer, we will do as follows.
1. The product is Defective:
The manufacturer will repair the product free without any charges and we will ship it back to the customer also free. 
2. The product is Not Defective and functions normally:
We will request the shipping charges and ship it back to the customer.
3. The product is Not Defective but broken by the customer:
The manufacturer will charge the repair fees and we will inform the amount along with the return shipping costs to the customer. We will start the repair procedure once the charges are collected. 

Question 6: I broke the product accidentally. Can I get it repaired?
Answer: Yes. Please send it back to our warehouse and we will help you to send it to the manufacturer. Please note that any repairing which is not caused by the initial manufacturing defect will be charged by the manufacturer and we will not cover the return shipping costs. We will inform the customer once the charges are decided.


Shipping & Taxes

Question 1: What shipping couriers do you offer?
We offer Express Shipping (receive by Japan Post and deliver by local post office), FedEx and DHL in our website.

Question 2: How long do you ship the item after I place the order?
We usually ship the orders in 5-7 business days (JST) after receiving the payment. However if the item is out of stock and the restocking time is expected to be more than 2 weeks, we will send a confirmation mail to the customer. If we don't receive the reply from the customer within 5 business days, we will proceed with the order and the customer is no longer able to cancel the order.

Please be noticed that number of days shown in the shipping options next to the carrier is the delivery days of the carrier, which does not include the handling time.

Updates (2020/5): Due to the influence on COVID-19, shipping handling time and delivery days will be delayed. If you are in a hurry, please kindly contact us in advance.

Question 3: Can I cancel the order after it is placed?
We can cancel the order within 24 hours from the time order has been placed or before we have received the confirmation message for back-orders. If we receive the cancellation request after 24 hours from the time order has been placed or after we have received the confirmation message for back-orders, we will no longer be able to cancel the order. For more details, please refer to our RETURN AND CANCELLATION POLICY.

Question 4: Will I be changed additional shipping costs after I place the order?
 Occasionally there may be inaccuracies in the shipping costs due to listing errors or product size. We will send you an email regarding the additional shipping costs and you can either make the payment or cancel the order. 

Question 5: Does the customs charges or VAT include in the price?
Customs Charges, Import Duties and VAT are not included in our prices. Please consult with the Customs Office for the amount. For more details, please refer to "SECTION 8 - TAXES FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS" in Terms of Service.

Question 6: Do I need to pay Japan VAT or consumption tax?
International customers will not be charged for Japan's VAT/consumption tax. However if the item is shipped to the address located in Japan, 8% VAT/consumption tax will be added to the total price.



Question 1: What kind of payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Credit Card, PUT IT ON LAY-BUY and Bank Deposit.

Question 2: Do you cover the charges for bank deposit?
No. We do not cover the remittance charges incurred for both customer and our side. Please make sure the charges to our side is fully included in the total transferred amount, or we will not approve the transfer.

Question 3: What is PUT IT ON LAY-BUY in Payment Method?
LAY-BUY is an affordable LAYAWAY payment option where you can select the down-payment (%) and how many months you need to pay-off your purchase. For more details, please refer to Lay-Buy's consumers page.

Question 4: Why did my Credit Card get declined?
Too many times of wrong payment attempts or credit limit may be one of the declined reasons. Because we are not able to know the details about your credit card, please contact your credit card's company to identify the reason. If you are not able to use the credit card, you still have other payment options to choose from.

Question 5: Why is the checkout price different from the price displayed in your website?
Our currency converter uses the real-time currency conversion rate to display the products in order for the international customers to have an easy reference in their local currencies. However the final conversion rate solely depends on the payment companies (PayPal, credit card companies, bank, etc.), resulting in the difference between the displayed price and the actual price.


Return & Refund

Question 1: I didn't use the product. Can I return it?
Yes. The customer always has the option to return the new and unused product within 14 days of the receipt of the original shipment. Please refer to our Return Policy for more details.

Question 2: I want to return an item but it has been over the expiration period. Can I still return it?
We are sorry that we are not able to accept any returns after 14 days of the receipt of the original shipment. Please refer to our Return Policy for more details.

Question 3: If I received a damaged item, can I get a refund?
If the item you received is damaged, please follow the following steps in order to get your refund. 
Step1. Please contact us immediately to when you notice the damage of the item and attach the photos of both the damaged product and the package.
Step2. Please contact your local post office or the courier who delivered the package to file a damage report. We will also file the report from Japan at the same time.
Step3. After we receive the investigation results from the courier, we will decide the refund amount and contact the customer.
Please keep the item unused and the package in its original received condition. Any later alteration or insufficient evidence will cause the claim declined and we will not be able to refund the customer in such case.

Question 4: The item has been returned back to the sender because I was on a vacation and missed the receiving period. Can I get a refund or another item?
Please re-confirm with the courier or local post office to locate the package. If the package hasn't been shipped back to us yet, you will still have the chance to get it. Please make sure you contact the courier as soon as possible.
If the item has already been shipped back, we will wait until the package is returned and then issue a refund or ship it again to the customer depending on the customer's request. However in both cases, the customer will cover the original shipping cost, which is un-refundable.


Bulk Discount

Question 1: Can I get a bulk discount for ordering multiple items?
We do not offer bulk discount to personal customers. As we have combined shipping costs, the total price for one order with multiple items will be cheaper than multiple separate orders. For business customers, please click "Contact Us" or send us a direct mail to with the details of your business and inquired products.